Liquidity provider to global financial markets


We increase transparency and lower overall trading costs by delivering higher execution quality

Flow Traders continuously provides liquidity to ensure markets remain resilient and continue to function in an orderly manner. In effect, we act as a stabilizing mechanism which helps to absorb market shocks.

Our Role Within the Global Financial Ecosystem

We maintain and improve the overall transparency and efficiency of the financial ecosystem by quoting bid and ask prices for financial products which market participants can trade against. We make it easier for investors to buy and sell financial products at a price that reflects the current price of the underlying asset.

We provide liquidity via two main routes: ‘on-screen’ which is conducted on stock exchanges where Flow Traders is a registered market maker and ‘off-exchange’ where we trade bilaterally with institutional counterparties, often through Request-for-Quote platforms.


The brightest minds in finance, mathematics and technology solve consequential problems at Flow Traders. Our people focus on operational excellence and creating increased transparency across global financial markets.

Broad Asset Class Coverage

We build and deploy powerful, industry-leading trading models, enabling us to provide continuous liquidity in a broad set of asset classes, regardless of market circumstances.

Scale & Infrastructure

Our trading platform and software is scalable and agile. We prioritize managing and minimizing complexity in order to adapt to evolving market dynamics.

We provide continuous liquidity in multiple assets

Fixed Income
Digital Assets

Market Leading Proprietary Technology

Technology is fundamental to our business

Developed and refined since Flow Traders was founded, our trading platform is at the core of our competitive position and embodies our unrivaled commitment to continuous improvement. Our technology's modular architecture keeps toil and cognitive load low while enabling quick iteration so we can research, experiment, and deliver value fast.
We are constantly seeking out and eliminating innovative frictions, culminating in a market leading technology stack which enables us to provide liquidity seamlessly.


Our Approach to Managing Risk

We operate a sophisticated risk management framework and uphold the highest standards of regulatory compliance. Our focus is to identify, assess, monitor, quantify and document potential risks which are inherent to trading in an automated environment. In the very dynamic environment of trading we designed our risk management framework in such a way that it is robust, efficient and transparent.