Investing in future financial market innovators

Our investments drive transparency and efficiency in global financial markets

Our strategy focuses on increasing our proximity to emerging technologies within the capital markets ecosystem, it is fully aligned with Flow Traders' strategic agenda.


We go beyond investing financial capital and focus on creating long-term value, by providing our expertise. We leverage our extensive network of international partners and resources to support our investments.

We support and invest in innovative companies that improve financial markets


Tokens form the foundation of decentralized finance and its infrastructure. These digital assets, supported by blockchain technology and open-source protocols, enable transactions without intermediaries. Smart contracts embedded in the infrastructure facilitate seamless execution of tasks.


Data includes the discovery, structuring and utilization of relevant, actionable information that drives financial markets.


Connectivity is required to connect market participants using technology. They act as intermediaries between two or more parties, making their interaction efficient. Connectivity players include market data vendors, specific technology vendors and (hardware) latency technology.


Platforms are the backbone of financial markets and enable trading of various asset classes. Related services include custody, clearing, which guarantees the financial market transaction, settlement and the delivery of securities or cash following a trade.

 We look to add value to companies by providing access to our expertise in trading global markets

A dedicated team of experts to support investments long-term
We have a passionate team with a diverse background in investing, trading, business and software development. The team is supported by a seasoned investment committee with a deep understanding of global financial market structure and ecosystem developments.

Flow Traders Strategic Capital

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Our Portfolio

Includes emerging technologies, scalable infrastructure and connectivity enablers.