Flow Traders wins Best Market Maker ETF Express

24 March 2023

Flow Traders has been awarded with the Best Market Maker ETF Express.

As a liquidity provider, Flow Traders helps to maintain and improve the overall transparency and efficiency of the financial markets in Europe and across the globe by quoting bid and ask prices for financial products. Over the years we have diversified and strengthened our market making activities into various asset classes, including commodities. This also includes commodity futures and spot products. We provide liquidity both on and off-exchange for commodities and are pleased to have one of the largest coverages in this space.

Erik-Jan Nieboer, Global Head of Trading Commodities Flow Traders, commented:

“We are delighted to have won the Best Market Maker/ Authorized Participation for Commodity ETFs Award and are proud of our achievements within the commodities market. We remain committed to maintaining our competitive pricing and extensive coverage of the market and will continue to focus on our successful collaborations with our issuers and counterparties.”