Flow Traders Foundation supports Project Backboard in New York

13 July 2023

The Flow Traders team in New York collaborated with Project Backboard to revitalize a basketball court located near the Flow Traders New York office. 

The Flow Traders Foundation was formally established in 2020 and is focused on making a positive impact on society by giving back, specifically supporting communities below the poverty line with a purpose to improve and protect their well-being.

Project Backboard fits perfectly within the mission, this charitable organization renovates public basketball courts to strengthen communities, improve park safety, encourage multi-generational play and inspire people to think more critically and creatively about their environment - an initiative we as a company fully support.

Together with the organization Flow Traders identified a basketball court in New York City in need of repair. The team and Project Backboard spent time repaving the surface, filling cracks and smoothing the asphalt. Then a commissioned artist joined the team to help create an artwork on the court. Colleagues also enthusiastically joined in the efforts, lending their time to this fantastic project. See images below:

Explore the video below: