Our Trading teams work on fast-paced trading floors across the globe, market making and trading a broad range of asset classes as well as driving the development of new innovative trading strategies.

Experienced Trading / Quantitative Research

Trading is for independent thinkers who come together work together to trade multiple assets. They focus on optimizing daily positions as well as formulating innovative trading strategies and building trading tools.


The Quantitative Researchers are responsible for generating and testing new trading concepts. Whilst our Analysts monitor news, prepare for major market events and continuously inform our Traders about macro, micro, and fundamental considerations.


Our Institutional Traders trade off-exchange with institutional counterparties worldwide, providing competitive quotes-upon-request. 

Meet Our Teams
Be challenged everyday and work with people who get the job done.

Meet Jiani, Trader

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Meet Thijs, Digital Asset Trader

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Meet Aditya, Team Lead Trading Operations

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Meet Alexander, Mid-Office Associate

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Our Hiring Process for Our Trading Teams
1. Applying for a role at Flow Traders

Submit your CV and a cover letter highlighting your skills, experience and qualifications relevant to the position.

2. Interview with a Recruiter

Shortlisted candidates will have an interview with a Recruiter to assess business knowledge, motivation and cultural fit.

3. Interview with your potential team

The next step is to meet the relevant team to discuss previous experience, technical skills, and relevant knowledge.

4. Final interview stage

Interview to meet with the Head of Trading and team members.

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