Who we are

Flow Traders is a leading global technology-enabled liquidity provider, specialized in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). We are able to grow our organization further, thereby ensuring that our trading desks in Europe, the Americas and Asia provide liquidity across all major exchanges, globally, 24 hours a day. Founded in 2004, we continue to cultivate the entrepreneurial, innovative and team-oriented culture that has been with us since the beginning.

What we do

As a technology company operating in a financial environment, we use our principal technology platform to quote bid and ask prices in thousands of ETP listings, as well as similar financial products. We also provide liquidity to institutional counterparties off-exchange across all regions: the Americas, APAC and EMEA. Market participants benefit from higher execution quality and lower overall trading costs, while the markets benefit from greater efficiency and more transparency. 

As a principal trading firm, we focus on providing liquidity in financial products both on- and off-exchange across the globe on an ever increasing number of venues and to a constantly growing number of institutional counterparties. We design our strategies using publicly available information, as well as simple, non-controversial, and transparent order types. We are a strong supporter of fair, transparent and orderly markets. We do not have a directional opinion on the markets and aim to be hedged perfectly and instantaneously. This focus on risk management is at the heart of our organization.

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Our Culture & Perks

Our Culture

Unique, ‘one team’-driven culture 

Flow Traders fosters an entrepreneurial, innovative and strong collaborative culture, which rewards people for their contributions to the company as a whole rather than only in their direct area of responsibility. Our culture is underpinned by the four-eyes principle and by disciplined risk awareness at every level of the organization.

We strive for continuous improvement and hold ourselves to industry-leading compliance and regulatory standards. We have a strong track record in recruiting, developing and retaining talent. We nurture our unique ‘one team’ philosophy by stimulating the sharing of ideas and best practices through employee rotation both within and between our offices. The seamless integration of teamwork, ETP market expertise, risk management, technology and connectivity enables us to offer competitive pricing, while always remaining in control.

Our Culture & Perks

About responsibility

Social responsibility

Sustainability statement

Our activities influence the society we live in. As a liquidity provider we are active in global financial markets and contribute to transparency in the pricing process, enabling market participants to invest at fair prices and lower costs.

We are aware of our impact on society while executing our business strategy

Our activities contribute sustainable employment and technological innovation to our society and we are committed to full compliance and integrity. We seek to limit our environmental footprint and contribute to our society and immediate vicinity.

Five themes summarise our interaction with society

CEO - Dennis Dijkstra

Dennis Dijkstra joined Flow Traders as CFO in 2009 and was appointed Co-CEO in January 2014. As Co-CEO, Dennis oversees our Institutional Trading, HR, Recruitment, Legal, Compliance and Finance departments. He additionally focuses on internal audits, organizational structure and relationships with issuers, investors, and regulators. Prior to joining Flow Traders, Dennis held positions at Arthur Andersen, Faxtor Securities, NIBC and Sparck. He currently serves as a board member (treasurer) of APT, the Association of Proprietary Traders in the Netherlands. Furthermore, Dennis is a supervisory director of DMF Investment Management B.V.

Dennis Dijkstra is a Dutch national who holds a Master’s degree in Business Economics from the University of Amsterdam.

Chief Technology Officer - Thomas Wolff

Thomas Wolff joined Flow Traders as a Senior System Administrator in 2009. He was named Global Head of IT in 2013 and Global Head of Technology in 2016, leading the Development, Quality Assurance, and Technology Operations departments. In 2018, Thomas joined the Management Board as Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer. Prior to joining Flow Traders, Thomas worked for nine years at an independent trading software vendor. 

Thomas Wolff is a German national who holds an applied science degree from the FOM Hochschule Frankfurt a.M.

Chief Trading Officer - Folkert Joling

Folkert Joling joined Flow Traders as a Trader in 2006, becoming Head of Trading in 2011 and Global Head of Trading in 2016. With eleven years of trading experience, Folkert joined the Management Board as Managing Director and Chief Trading Officer in 2018. As Chief Trading Officer, Folkert is responsible for the development and realization of the Flow Trader’s trading strategies, business development, trading processes and our daily trading operations.

Folkert Joling is a Dutch national who holds a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the Twente University.