Institutional Trading

Flow Traders is a leading liquidity provider of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) on global exchanges. In addition our firm trades ETPs off-exchange with institutional investors all over Europe, Asia and the US, providing competitive quotes upon request. We provide liquidity in ETPs listed across the globe, and in all asset classes.

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Our firm

Flow Traders is a leading liquidity provider and specializes in ETPs. We quote bid and ask prices in thousands of ETPs and other instruments throughout the day, both on and off-exchange. We are a principal trading firm. We trade for our own account and risk only. For more information, please refer to our Principles of Doing Business in the disclosures.

Our technology

Supported by our innovative proprietary technology platform, we trade with institutional counterparties by providing bid and ask quotes upon request. Tailored and fine-tuned to our need to stay ahead, our platform allows us to provide competitive quotes based on the latest prices of underlying or related instruments at all times and in different market circumstances.

Our recognition

We have been recognised by the ETP industry as a leader in ETP liquidity provision for many years and have been named ETF Market Maker Europe for eight consecutive years in the Global ETF Awards. We have also received an equivalent distinction in Asia as ETF Market Maker Asia-Pacific for three years. Furthermore, we were named Number 1 Trading House for ETFs in the ETF Risk European Rankings in both 2013 and 2014. Furthermore we were named Best Asian Market Maker in 2013 and Best European Market Maker by ETF Express in 2013, 2014 and 2015. We are proud of this recognition and attribute it to our competitive pricing of ETPs.

At Flow Traders we are passionate about what we do. Flow Traders is therefore grateful for being awarded and recognized by the industry as a leading liquidity provider in ETPs.