STEPHAN DAMEN - Software Developer

Career and Education

Software Designer. Safran Identity & Security.
Software Designer. Royal Imtech NV, Gouda.
Senior Software Engineer. Chess iT, Haarlem.
PDEng, Software Technology. Eindhoven University of Technology.
MSc Computer Science. Leiden University.

Flow Traders is a dynamic organisation in a world that is constantly changing. Together, we come up with smart solutions for the challenges we are facing. The great thing here is that you can immediately see the results. Next to that, Flow Traders’ non-hierarchical approach allows you to discuss ideas with everyone, from the board to your peers. You get instant feedback.

Flow Traders treats its people well. The fact that we have an in-house gym for example, allows us to meet people from other departments that you normally do not interact with on a regular basis. Flow Traders’ perks inspire us to strengthen our relations. They enable us to broaden our minds and get into contact with people who might hold valuable information for a project we are currently working on. These social activities let us learn from each other, both professionally and personally.