MSc Finance. VU University, Amsterdam.
Bsc Business Economics: Managerial Economics. VU University, Amsterdam.

When I was at university, I followed the Flow Traders Business Course. My curiosity was piqued when we could sit at a trading desk for an hour and experience real trading in action. As soon as I finished my degree, I applied for a job and started working at Flow Traders. 

You need to be quick on your feet; when the situation changes, you need to make the right decisions in a split second. On top of this, you need to have strong analytical skills to see the bigger picture when things are less hectic. And traders need to be creative in developing and implementing new strategies.

Flow Traders stimulates us to be the best at anything we do. Each trader has unique skills and is encouraged to develop personal talents. A clever combination of these talents creates a great team, that works closely together at one desk. Here, it does not matter whether you have been a trader for years or a couple of months; we value each other’s input.