ANNELIEN BEKKERING - Compliance Officer


LLm Corporate Law and Antitrust Law. Utrecht University.

You need to have an entrepreneurial mind-set, be competitive and stay sharp. Flow Traders are smart people who do not follow the herd, but challenge what you are saying. This attitude keeps us focussed. Our former motto ‘work hard, play hard’ is very much valid. We put in the hours, but make time to unwind as well. Flow Traders offers plenty of opportunities to do so; we have an in-house bar, an in-house gym including a personal trainer and we go on an annual company trip together. You need have a decent amount of social skills too. 

I enjoy the amount of responsibility that I have, at this stage in my career. Working together with traders means I need to stay sharp and be creative. We are bound by law, and therefore need to figure out which of their ideas can be executed and which cannot. It is a nice challenge to get a trading mode that is legally sound and commercially attractive. Although I am not a trader myself, I need to know where they are coming from and find a suitable solution with which both parties are happy.