Network Engineer

As a Network Engineer, you will play a lead role in designing, managing and shaping our state of the art, low latency network, whilst staying abreast of new technologies in the market place and making continued proposals to the business to show where improvements are possible.

You will be accountable for the architecture, design, and implementation for the firm's network infrastructure and associated telemetry, spanning the EMEA region.

In the current trading environment, you need a combination of intelligent strategies, as well as speed, in order to act on market opportunities. In order to achieve this, Flow Traders is on the lookout for talented engineers to help us design, build and optimize our trading infrastructure and strategies together with the business. As a network engineer, you will be working with a small team developing Flow Traders' ultra low-latency applications. You will be expected to take responsibility for the complete solution, which involves not only development and testing, but latency bench marking, product deployment, and automating processes to improve productivity.

Are you challenged by problem solving, passionate about innovation with a desire to improve by automation, and do you have a sixth sense for trial and error? Then this role is destined for you!

What will you do?

  • Baseline and map the current environment from the perspective of Layers 1-4 of the OSI model.
  • Perform a gap analysis of the current environment against current state-of-the-art across the HFT and electronic trading industry, vendor offerings, and academic research.
  • Embrace a 'trusted adviser/consultative' approach with trading and application development to meet and satisfy strategic business requirements as well as advise on how specific new solutions can incrementally enhance trading performance.
  • Develop a target state architecture and assist management with developing an engineering strategy for implementation.
  • Lead execution and implementation including (1) Identifying new platforms, vendors and technologies for use by the Firm along these objective(s), (2) Pilot and certify reference designs within the Firm's lab facilities.
  • Develop professional-grade design documentation in concert with target-state-architecture and as-built deployments.
  • Collaborate with the Firm's data center professionals in rack layout and facilities design, data center inter-connectivity, and exchange/trading counter party connectivity to optimize connectivity for ultra-low latency performance.
  • Identify optimization opportunities based upon vendor developments and carrier enhancements in the long haul telecom space.
  • Develop and maintain subject matter expertise in the network instrumentation space with regards to latency monitoring, precision time-stamping, time synchronization, capture, protocol analysis, traffic heuristics, utilization, capacity, and application flows.
  • Collaborate with trading support groups during operational challenges to assist in issue remediation, troubleshooting and triage.
  • Provide input to tooling and automation on how to enhance the operational positioning and vigilance of the firms systems.
  • Maintain an understanding of the principles and concepts of the Linux networking stack and its impact to the network.
  • Be able to demonstrate the capability in understanding the FPGA and ASIC landscape as applied to algorithmic trading, vendor product differentiation and selection.
  • Analyze real trading and market situations to make distance to competition assessments
  • Reverse engineer competitors’ setups and strategies  

What you need to succeed:

  • 5-8 years of work experience as a network engineer or architect ideally in a high frequency trading environment
  • A passion for being knowledgeable of the algorithmic trading business, strategies for profitability, various aspects of how such enterprises generate revenue.
  • Be able to increase awareness of products traded, venues, locales, and connectivity.
  • Be an authority on the optimal design and integration of market data and order routing application stacks within a network.
  • Have experience with but not limited to the following hardware:
    • IP Routing, Ethernet Switching, Layer 1 FPGA Switching, Matrix Switching, Sniffers, Netflow/sFLow Sensors, Application Performance Monitoring, Network Time Servers
  • Have experience with but limited to the following software/OS stack:
    • EOS, IOS, NX-OS, RHEL, CentOS, Debian
  • Have experience with but not limited to the following protocols:
    • Ethernet, ARP, IP, TCP, UDP, OSPF, PIM, BGP, IGMP, PTP, GPS, LACP, 802.1Q, 802.1w, LLDP, VRRP, FIX, OUCH, ITCH
  • Have working experience with the following technologies:
    • Low and Ultra-Low Latency Network and Instrumentation Design, Application Latency Monitoring Design, Time Synchronization Design, time-stamping, FPGA's, ASIC's, Quality-of-Service, NAT, Market Data, Order Routing, Electronic Exchange Connectivity, Ultra Low Latency Long Haul, Exchange DR/BCP Solutions
  • Strong working knowledge of automation applications in the networking environment (including but not limited to Python);
  • Professional networking certification starting from CCNP and/ or CCIE;
  • Good understanding of Network Monitoring solutions; (Corvil knowledge is a plus);
  • Ability to travel to various Flow Traders locations on a couple of occasions a year;
  • Clear English communication skills are a must;

We offer fantastic perks, such as:

  • Competitive salary and annual discretionary bonus;
  • Flow Academy for continuous learning;
  • Opportunities to attend domain-related conferences;
  • We have our own in-house bar and gym, and a company boat;
  • Free breakfast, lunch, snacks and amazing coffee;
  • Table tennis, pool table, arcade and console games;
  • A yearly company trip and Christmas party that exceed expectations;
  • Fun team outings during the year;
  • Nutritionist support, personal trainer, health checks
  • Weekly chair massage
  • And many more.
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