Can you stand the heat? Working in technology at Flow Traders means continuously sustaining life on the cutting edge of our profession. As a technology-enabled trading firm, our department forms an integral part of the organization. Our tech-savvy, team-oriented technologists and developers are given the freedom to generate and promote innovative ideas. Since their out-of-the-box thinking pushes our organization forwards.

At Flow Traders, we value quick-witted, creative minds and we challenge them to make full use of their capacities. Our technologists and developers have an entrepreneurial mind-set. We applaud innovative ideas and smart solutions, and encourage our people to take ownership. From day one, you can really make a difference here. If you aim high, the sky is the limit!

Follow Your Own Career

Our technology department consists of three strategic units:

  • Development: Designs and builds the software suite that keeps Flow Traders miles ahead of its industry peers.
  • Quality Assurance: Responsible for benchmarking, documenting and testing the proprietary trading software that we develop for back, mid and front office.
  • Operations: In charge of the deployment and maintenance of the software and hardware infrastructure, that supports Flow Trades in its day-to-day activities.

No one day is the same at Flow Traders. The variety of job roles across our department means the daily duties of our technologists and developers vary in nature too. As a trade support engineer for example, you work on the adrenalin-fueled trading floor, while our back-end developers focus on project deliverables and requests for feature enhancements to our software suite.