As a member of our technology team, you have the potential to make a global difference from day one. Out technologists, developers and engineers have an entrepreneurial mind-set, bringing innovative ideas and smart solutions to the table. Our creative and quick-witted team members are challenged to use their technical skill sets to solve problems in a fast-paced trading environment. 

Follow Your Own Career

Our technology department consists of three strategic units:

  • Development: Designing and building the software suite that keeps Flow Traders miles ahead of its industry peers.
  • Quality Assurance: Benchmarking, documenting, and testing the proprietary trading software developed for back, mid, and front office.
  • IT: Deploying and maintaining the software and hardware infrastructure that supports all day-to-day activities at Flow Traders. 

The variety of roles  and specializations across the technology department reflects the diverse responsibilities of our developers and technologists. While Trading Support Engineers supply quick solutions on the adrenaline-fueled trading floor, developers focus on project deliverables and feature enhancements to our software suite.