Our offices

We were founded in Amsterdam, which is where our headquarters and largest trading office still is. In 2007, we opened the first overseas office in Singapore. This gave us access to the Asia-Pacific markets, both improving our hedging capabilities and giving us access to additional revenues. We further expanded into the American region by opening our New York office in 2009. In 2010, we established a presence in Cluj, Romania, where part of our internal software development team is located.

With trading offices in Europe, the US and Asia, we cover all time zones. Our global, around the clock market coverage brings us significant benefits in terms of economies of scale. It also allows stronger risk management and more efficient and effective hedging.

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Our Extensive Relocation Services

For future Flow Traders who are moving to Amsterdam from elsewhere, we offer extensive relocation services. To be able to fully concentrate on their new position, we take care of (nearly) everything that is needed to start a new life in Amsterdam, without any additional stress.  

Together, we design a custom check list to fit your personal situation and needs. Throughout the entire process, Flow Traders continues to offer full support. We arrange everything; from dealing with visa applications, to registration, to finding a suitable house, to opening a bank account and learning the Dutch language. It goes without saying that partner and children are part of the process too. 

In-House Gym

We encourage our people to stay in great shape, both mentally and physically. That is why we offer personal training at our in-house gym. Whether a training session is fueled by competitiveness or the need to let off some steam after a busy working day, Flow Traders stimulates a healthy mind-body balance.

Healthy Food & Nutritional Advice

You are what you eat. To boost performance, Flow Traders serves fresh, healthy food and drinks throughout the day. Next to that, our nutritionist is available to give nutritional advice or set up a custom plan to help achieve personal goals.

In-House Bar

What better way to end a busy week at our in-house bar? Here, people from all departments can interact and enjoy a well-deserved drink. They can discuss work related topics in an informal setting. Our in-house bar forms the perfect setting to strengthen professional and personal relations.

Flow Traders Boat

On summer evenings, we often embark our Flow Traders boat to cruise the Amsterdam canals. It is great way to experience the city and enjoy the company of colleagues.

Annual Company Trip

Each year, the entire company takes a weekend off to visit a European destination. It perfectly fits our unique ‘one team’ philosophy, as these trips stimulate and increase cohesion. At Flow Traders, we work hard and we play hard.