Trading at Flow Traders

Think big

As a junior trader, you're at the heart of our success. You trade in a wide range of financial products, including equities, bonds, ETPs and other products. You manage and optimize your daily positions. You formulate innovative trading strategies. You develop trading models and tools in close collaboration with our software engineers. You take on these important responsibilities very early in your career here, immediately following an initial training period. At Flow Traders, we think talent trumps experience and we believe in the capability of our people.

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Think smart

When you're hired as a junior trader at Flow Traders, you start your career with a 6-month, intensive, in-house training program at our headquarters in Amsterdam. You’ll learn all the intricate details of our trading processes and gradually take on more responsibilities as a member of a team. You will find that once you've monitored markets, you'll begin to make split-second decisions in real time.

Think global

At Flow Traders, you have the freedom to create your own future. If you would like to transfer to one of our offices in New York, Amsterdam, or Singapore, we will help you seek for opportunities there.