Learn about trading

The Experience

Feel the adrenaline. As a trader, you work in a fast-paced, high-intensity environment. You face complex challenges throughout each day. Traders are highly driven. Determined to be the best. Being a trader is for brilliant minds, independent thinkers, energetic doers, and outstanding talents. This is an exciting career for exceptional individuals.

The Work

Perform at your peak. At Flow Traders, we manage and optimize daily positions in a broad range of financial products. We handle a variety of asset classes on multiple exchanges in real time. We collaborate in small teams that are responsible for specific securities. We formulate innovative trading strategies. We partner with our software engineers to develop trading models and tools to capitalize on opportunities.

The Trader

Be the one. To succeed as a trader, you need a passionate interest in global financial markets and you need a strong numerical ability. You need to have the desire to create your own career path and a drive for more responsibility and rewards. You are a creative problem-solver who thrives under pressure. And you have a winning mentality.

Do you recognize yourself? You can learn how to become a trader at Flow Traders.