Flow Traders N.V. announced its 3Q16 results, delivering a 5% increase quarter-on-quarter in ETP Value Traded and further strengthening its market share globally. The markets in 3Q16 continued to be challenging, following a decline in volatility and trading activity by investors. As a consequence, Market ETP Value Traded globally saw a 7% decline quarter-on-quarter. Momentum in Global ETP Assets under Management however remained positive as it grew to a new high of € 3.0tn at the end of 3Q16.

The 5% quarter-on-quarter increase in Flow Traders’ ETP Value Traded was driven by an increased exposure to a broader range of products on the back of technological improvements. With this, we positioned ourselves better for future growth within the fast growing ETP market. Following the challenging markets, Revenue Capture for the period decreased to 3.3 bps as a result of our product mix traded.

Overall Flow Traders is on its way to deliver the second best year since inception.


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