• Are you hiring for the Junior Trader position throughout the year and if so, for which office?

    We are continuously hiring Junior Traders in our Amsterdam, New York and Singapore offices. For more information about the recruitment process, see the ‘University recruiting’ section on our website.

  • Does Flow Traders offer (summer) internships?

    An important aspect of our culture is openness and transparency. We encourage people within Flow Traders to share knowledge and insights and in that way contribute to our further success. Due to the proprietary nature of our business, we are unable to offer short-term opportunities with the firm.

  • How can I attend one of your events?

    Please refer to the events page on the Graduates section of our website or have a look at the event calendar for upcoming events. You can sign up for any event directly through our website.

  • How can I prepare for the assessments?

    We use three tests: a timed mental arithmetic test, an aptitude assessment and a case study. You can brush up on mental math for the timed arithmetic test (this is an example of such a test), but the rest of the assessments focus on aptitude rather than knowledge. The case study is more about evaluating your thought process in a hypothetical situation rather than answering the questions correctly.

  • How can I prepare myself for a career in principal trading?

    The best ways to learn more about trading are to set up a mock or real trading portfolio, participate in trading competitions, read trading-related books and participate in games with elements of arithmetic, statistics and strategy.

  • How many people are you hiring?

    We foster a very talented team and maintain high selection standards. Our New York, Singapore and Amsterdam offices are all growing and we are looking to hire as many qualified applicants as we can find.

  • Is extensive knowledge of finance required?

    Knowledge in a specific area of finance is not required, but a general interest in trading and financial markets is essential.

  • Is the Junior Trader position open only for residents of Amsterdam, United States or Singapore?

    Our employees represent over 30 nationalities. We recruit on a global scale and welcome applications from across the globe. It is the talent that counts.

  • I’ve never heard of Flow Traders. What does your firm do?

    Flow Traders is a technology enabled liquidity provider with trading offices in Amsterdam, New York and Singapore. We trade ETPs, and in addition we trade many other financial instruments in different asset classes. These include stocks, government and corporate bonds and others. We continuously expand our business by adding new products across an ever-broadening range of markets around the globe.

  • What are the opportunities for career progression?

    We want everyone to function at the best of his or her abilities, contributing optimally to our success as a whole. As a trader, Flow Traders gives you the opportunity to take on as much responsibility as you can handle successfully. Our flat management structure allows new traders with good ideas to implement them regardless of tenure. 

  • What asset classes do you trade?

    We are specialised in trading ETPs, and in addition we trade many other financial instruments in different asset classes. These include stocks, government and corporate bonds, commodities and exchange rates.

  • What background do candidates need to become a successful Junior Trader?

    In terms of degree: typically, any major. Examples could include Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Finance, Computer Science, Physics or other sciences, etc. We don’t rule out candidates with other majors, but the Junior Trader role does require a strong numerical aptitude. Knowledge in a specific area of finance is not required, but an interest in trading and strategy is essential. Experience is not required, but many candidates have typically traded their own accounts or had internships in trading. Familiarity with IT is helpful, but not required. Many of our Traders are proficient in Excel and VBA, in Python, or in other programming languages.

  • What differentiates the Flow Traders Junior Trader position from Junior Trader or Trainee positions at other firms?

    We invest heavily in training our new hires. We are very selective in our hiring and expect all new hires to stay with the firm for longer periods of time. We do not over-hire with the intention to weed out some of the new hires over time.

    At Flow Traders, our Junior Traders are able to take on as much responsibility as they can handle successfully. As a new Trader at Flow Traders, you will not merely observe a Senior Trader; you will actively participate and make your own decisions under his guidance. The goal of our training program is to be hands-on as quickly as possible. Your ultimate goal is to develop trading opportunities to implement on a new trading desk, as well as contribute to enhancements and ideas which will contribute all our activities globally.

  • What is the work environment like at Flow Traders?

    Our work environment is a reflection of the things we believe in. We believe that it is more important how you perform than what you wear. We believe that what someone says is more important than who says it. We believe that the contributions of our team-members are crucial to the success of Flow Traders. We believe in treating our employees well, both for that reason and because it helps them perform even better than they otherwise would. We believe that two people know more than one, and that people can have great ideas even in other areas than their expertise.

    We have an informal environment with a very flat management structure. Our employees dress comfortably for work, for example in jeans and t-shirts. We offer amenities to unwind as well as catered lunch and healthy snacks every day, and we have company sports teams. Flow Traders is very collaborative, and our reward structure is based on the contribution to the firm as a whole rather than only to an individual’s direct area of responsibility - which fosters co-operation and continuous firm-wide improvement. We are not siloed like some other firms. For example, our traders and our technical professionals work very closely together.