Our corporate governance

At Flow Traders we acknowledge the importance of ensuring integrity and maintaining and enhancing an open and transparent communication with all stakeholders and other parties interested in our company. Here you can find our corporate governance related materials as well as information about our Management and Supervisory Board.

General meeting of shareholders

Flow Traders’ Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”) will be held once a year. Extraordinary General Meetings (“EGM”) may be held, as often as the Management Board or the Supervisory Board deems desirable. The notice must be given by at least such number of days prior to the day of the meeting as required by the laws of the Netherlands, which is currently 42 days. Click here if you are interested in the financials of Flow Traders.

Our Management Board

Flow Traders has a highly experienced management team and a unique team-driven culture. Our Management Board consists of co- CEOs Dennis Dijkstra, CFO Marcel Jongmans and co-CEO Sjoerd Rietberg.

Our Supervisory Board

Our Supervisory Board consists of six Supervisory Directors with a broad background and with extensive experience in the financial and other sectors.


EY Accountants N.V. serves as Flow Traders’ independent auditor as of fiscal year 2016.